In today's release, we're introducing four new avatars and a fresh batch of voices.


Let's extend a warm welcome to Caroline, Jade, Timothy, and Sang as they join our Synthesia family.

🌸 Jade brings a versatile collection of looks suitable for any occasion:

  • A versatile beige jacket, available to all users.

  • A formal blue dress, perfect for corporate users.

  • A creative pink & white dress, exclusive to creator and corporate plans.

🤵🏻 Timothy joins with an array of attire catering to various plans:

  • A comfortable grey casual polo, available to starter, creator, and corporate plans.

  • An elegant suit, available to creator and corporate plans.

  • A distinctive doctor's attire, exclusively for corporate plans.

👚 Sang comes with a sophisticated selection of outfits and is available to corporate plan users:

  • A smart beige outfit;

  • A relaxed yet professional black sweater;

  • A stylish pink shirt.

🤵🏼‍♀️ Caroline joins with a wardrobe tailored for corporate plans:

  • A classic barrister outfit;

  • A sleek white jacket;

  • A trendy chequered jacket.


We're also thrilled to announce 97 new voices in 21 different languages.

🇳🇱 5 Dutch voices [nl-NL]
🇫🇷 1 French voice [fr-FR]
🇩🇪 3 German voices [de-DE]
🇲🇽 2 Mexican Spanish voices [es-MX]
🇹🇷 6 Turkish voices [tr]
🇧🇬 5 Bulgarian voices [bg]
🇩🇰 4 Danish voices [da]
🇬🇷 5 Greek voices [el]
🇫🇮 5 Finnish voices [fi]
🇵🇭 5 Filipino voices [fil]
🇭🇷 5 Croatian voices [hr]
🇮🇩 5 Indonesian voices [id]
🇰🇷 5 Korean voices [ko]
🇲🇾 5 Malay voices [ms]
🇷🇴 5 Romanian voices [ro]
🇷🇺 5 Russian voices [ru]
🇸🇰 5 Slovak voices [sk]
🇸🇪 5 Swedish voices [sv]
🇮🇳 6 Tamil (India) voices [ta-IN]
🇺🇦 5 Ukrainian voices [uk]
🇨🇳 5 Chinese (Mandarin) voices [zh-CN]

Find out more about new voices here.
Happy creating!