Exciting new update in Synthesia for
corporate plan users: now you can create and apply your company's Brand Kit.

🎨 What is a Brand Kit?

Your corporate colors, logo, fonts, and custom (or just favorite) avatars.

🖊 How to create a Brand Kit?

  1. Find a new tab in the sidebar labeled Brand Kit.

  2. Click Create Brand Kit.

  3. Add corporate fonts, a color palette, select your favorite avatars, and upload your logo.

👨🏼‍💻 How to apply the Brand Kit?

When you start creating a new video, simply choose the Brand Kit. Every time you open the color picker, add an avatar, or type in some text, Synthesia will suggest elements from your Brand Kit.

💘 Why is this cool?

With the Brand Kit, you can easily apply your company's style to all videos created in Synthesia. Create a Brand Kit once, use it every day.

⚡️ Is it available for me?

Brand kit feature is available just for enterprise plan users.