The world's first expressive AI avatars are (finally) here! They frown, smile, furrow their eyebrows, and more — all automatically. And you can be the first to try them out.

So mark your calendars and join the official launch event on April 25! 💥

Synthesia CEO @Victor Riparbelli will dive into the underlying AI technology, share tips and tricks, and most importantly — give all attendees a chance for a hands-on test.

So, what makes our Expressive AI Avatars different from other AI avatars available on the market?

🧠 They predict expressions automatically from just the script
🗣️ They have more natural facial features and head movements
🫦 They all come with matching voices and amazing lip-sync

In short, with this new avatar technology you can create even better and engaging videos for existing and dozens of new use cases.

⚡️ Join us on the event ⚡️

P.S. Check Joshua, one of our amazing expressive AI Avatars: