We are thrilled to announce that expressive avatars are now live in Synthesia.

What are expressive avatars?

Our latest generation of AI avatars understand what they are talking about and follow the sentiment of the text. It means they deliver their scripts like real actors, with the appropriate tone of voice, body language, and lip-syncing. For example, they can appear and sound sad if the script is sad or energetic and positive if the text is inspiring. Expressive avatars are paired with expressive voices.

Which languages are available with expressive voices?

With a new generation of avatars, we released expressive voices in 28 languages. Here is the list:

What emotions can avatars show?

It entirely relies on the script. Avatars can be excited, sad, confident, grateful β€” a massive spectrum of emotions.

Here are a few tips on how to make avatars emotional:

πŸ₯Ή Use expressive words: to show enthusiasm, add something like: β€œFantastic!β€œ, β€œGreat job!β€œ.
Use punctuation: exclamation for excitement or urgency, question marks showing curiosity or frustration, and ellipsis to show uncertainty.
Try using old-school emojis: :) and :(.

How to find expressive avatars and expressive voices?

All expressive avatars and voices are marked with a purple star icon.

How to use expressive avatars?

  • Sensitive topics: for many videos you need the speaker to be empathetic, understanding, patient, helpful and serious. πŸ“Ή See an example.

  • Complex topics: expressive avatars can be engaging, supportive, and inspiring. When you need to explain something step by step, they will help guide your audience through the process. πŸ“Ή See an example.

  • Sales/marketing: new avatars can be really excited talking about your product or service you provide.
    πŸ“Ή See an example.

Why are expressive avatars cool?

People instinctively seek visual and auditory cues to engage with and understand video content. Our new avatars accurately replicate these cues, making communications not only more engaging but also more effective. Expressive avatars improve information retention and enhance the overall impact of your message. Your content will be watched and remembered.

Happy creating! ⚑️