Exciting end-of-the-year release update — we are thrilled to introduce the AI video assistant.

🔍 What It Does: Upload a document or paste a link, and transform it into an eye-catching video.

🌈 Why It's Fabulous: Turn lengthy, dull documents or blog posts into vibrant videos. Perfect for jazzing up reports, making blogs more engaging, and amplifying your message with visual flair.

How to Craft a Standout Video:

  1. 🎯 Objective: Establish a clear goal for your video.

  2. 👥 Audience: Identify your target audience.

  3. 🌍 Language: Choose the language of the video.

Quick Steps to Use:

  • Hit New Video📹.

  • Proceed to AI video assistant

  • Choose a pre-designed template for your video

  • Upload the document or enter the link 📌.

  • Customize and refine your video's content 🎨

📝 Additional Info to Know:

  • File Size Limit: Ensure your document is less than 5MB.

  • Supported Formats: Upload .pdf, .doc, .docx, or .txt files.