Featured image for Add Text/Shape Overlays and Voice-only Clips!

We’ve just released a bunch of really useful features for you, the modern video content creator.

🖼 Voice-only slides/clips: now you can create videos or just single clips that do not include an actor.

  • Use case example: when you're creating product videos and want to have full focus on a product in a specific clip.

🔷 Shapes overlays: add rectangles, circles, lines, and arrows to videos (you can even animate them).

  • Use case example: add emphasis on a piece of information by adding a circle around it. Use a box to split your screen or use an arrow to point to a specific area/feature on your video. Time to be creative!

🆒 Text overlays: add text overlays to videos. No more switching between Powerpoint/Keynote and Synthesia.

⏬ Up to 50 slides/clips per video (available for corporate accounts only): Now you can combine up to 50 slides into a single video, for those situations when you need to convey complex and long information.

🤔 So - who's gonna make the first feature film with Synthesia?