Happy new… avatars! We are delighted to introduce our new presenters: Tammy, Mason, Tiffany, and Hudson, each with unique styles for your content needs.

🌟 Tammy offers elegance:

  • A White Hard Hat for a professional touch [corporate plans];

  • A Beige Coat for creative flair [creator & corporate plans];

  • A sophisticated White Top and Necklace [creator & corporate plans].

πŸ’Ό Mason blends casual with professional:

  • A smart Grey Turtleneck [corporate plan];

  • A refined Beige Coat [creator & corporate plans];

  • A classic Blue Suit for leadership vibes [starter, creator, corporate users].

πŸ‘” Tiffany adds style and versatility [corporate plans]:

  • A high-end Waiter Uniform;

  • Chic Chef Attire;

  • A bold Pink Jacket.

🎨 Hudson is ready for any scene [corporate plans]:

  • An incredible Bomber Jacket;

  • Trustworthy Doctor's Attire;

  • It's a fun Pink Shirt/Blue Blazer combo.

Elevate your content with these fresh looks πŸŽ₯✨
Happy creating!