Monday — official day for feature releases. Today, we are excited to introduce Triggers.

What's New? ⚡️

We replaced Markers with Triggers. Now, you can smoothly and easily animate texts, elements, media, and avatars based on script.

How Does It Work? 🖥

It's so simple!

  1. Select an element:text, media, shape, and avatar

  2. Grab the trigger in the video and drag where the animation should start and finish.

  3. Choose the animation effect: from fade to zoom.

Why You'll Love It 💕

Animation makes your videos come alive. By animating elements precisely when needed, your message becomes clear and captivates your audience.

Tips on how to use:

📝 Sync words: key phrases pop up when mentioned by the avatar.
Illustrate points: media elements appear to enrich the context.
Step by step: display instructions one at a time as explained.
Point: highlight something on the slide with an arrow, circle or line.

Check the video about Triggers and learn how to use it